Why Choose Forex Over StocksAlthough there are more investment opportunities these days, not all of them can be fully relied on as a source of money. One good proof is the stock market crisis that makes investors doubt whether they will really make money if they put their money on commodities and stocks. This is why it might be better to invest in forex trading that in stocks.

You may also want to consider currency trading more than stocks investment because of the following reasons:

Forex has a lower margin requirement than stocks. Both Forex and stocks investing renders them in control over a certain currency as long as they have already put up a small margin. However, the Forex margin requirement is only at 1% while the stock trading margin is 50% of the stock’s total value. If you choose to trade at forex.com, you can enjoy 50 times more than when you choose stocks. But whatever you will choose, make sure you understand the risks.

Forex trading is less stressful than holding a bunch of stocks in your investment portfolio. There are eight thousand stocks in the NYSE and NASDAQ markets combined. However, Forex trading only focuses on four major currencies. Although you will have limited options,  you will also have fewer causes for headaches.

The Forex market is not affected by the Bull versus Bear mentality, unlike the stock market. This is mainly because you don’t get involved in stocks or giao dịch vàng, but with currencies. If you noticed how some currencies are not doing well in the market, it might be time to invest in it. That way, you’ll make a profit when the interest rate picks up.

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